Battery PCB For Injection Type Mobile Battery

Battery PCB For Injection Type Mobile Battery

Model No.︰5C/4C/4L/4U

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Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰1000 pcs

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Product Description

PCB board,protective board for mobile phone battery,li-ion battery pack PCB borad.Over-charge protection:DC4.275+/-0.025V.
 PCB  board,protective board for li-ion mobile phone battery
1.    Over-charge protection:DC4.275±0.025V.
2.    Over-charge time lag: ≤1S
3.    Over-discharge protection:DC2.30±0.08V.
4.    Over-discharge time lag:≤140Ms.
5.    Over-current protection:DC0.1V(3A-5A)
6.    Over-current time lag:≤9mS.
7.    Short-circuit protection:≤320uS
8.    Internal resistance:≤60mΩ
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